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The Association provides generic advertising which is of benefit to all its members and curling in general. This may take the form of newsprint advertising, coupons or even this web-site.   


Corporate Challenge   

Corporate Challenge is an annual collection of athletic and near-athletic activities organized among businesses with charity the beneficiary. In Calgary as it is held in the fall, curling is an integral part. The Club Managers Association heartily endorsed the concept as a means to introduce the sport of curling to as many as possible.   



The Club Managers Association advertises the benefits of curling periodically in the print media. These ads typically are run in the fall. During the summer, an advertisement runs in the City of Calgary Recreation guide. In addition, discount coupons are maintained in the "Entertainment" coupon book.   


Liaise with SACA & CYCA   

The Southern Alberta Curling Association represents curlers generally while the Calgary Youth Curling Association concentrates on the youth curler. The Curling Club Managers works with both of these groups for the betterment of all curling.